For State Representative Dist. 62
Round Lake, Grayslake and Libertyville​

Frequently-Asked Questions

Yes, Terry Wilke has been both a Lake County Board member and a Supervisor at Avon Township. 

On the County Board he was the architect of the County’s Net-Zero 2040 Plan, froze the County’s budget for three years, expanded the Forest Preserves in the district and brought home hundreds of millions for transportation projects.

As a township Supervisor he developed the first ever Neighborhood Revitalization Project in Avon Township, along with the Township’s first Tree Initiative. 

A: Yes, Terry Wilke runs Avon Cares Food Pantry a 501-C-3 charity that has fed over 17,000 people last year.

Yes, either Rt 53 or the alternatives, but something must be done to address the environmental, transportation and economic growth issues surrounding Lake County’s central and western communities.

Yes, Terry believes every person has the right to join a union if that person so desires. In fact this right should be protected by our first amendment rights to free speech. Barring that, we should, at the very least, include organizing a union among the protected classes. This will help to bring balance to the power imbalance between employer and employee. 

Yes, clearly other countries have instituted single payer and have had better health outcomes with around half the costs. To date, no country that has adopted single payer has returned to the old way. There are many options but expanding Medicare/Medicaid seem to be the easiest and most efficient at this time. 

Yes, in addition to supporting universal pre-K education Terry supports publically funding in-state college tuition. Because a better educated populace benefits us all. This same thinking has benefited K-12 education for generations and it’s way past time it was extended to university education as well.

Yes, our current tax system unfairly burdens the working class with unbelievable high taxes while the super wealthy pay little or nothing in taxes. To add insult to injury our current system also makes the rest of us pay for those breaks that the super wealthy get.

Yes, In fact Terry fought for and now chairs the Lake County Energy and Environment committee. and was the architect of the County’s Net-Zero 2040 plan

Yes, The right to organize and bargain collectively is a fundamental right to free speech and the right to freedom of association. 

Yes, 100%, absolutely, full stop.

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