Frequently-Asked Questions

All County Board Members automatically hold two elected positions, Board Member and Forest Preserve Commissioner. Terry is also a Township supervisor. Many voters voted for Terry Wilke expressly because he was a Township supervisor and could bring more to the district than someone who was not. For example, Terry Wilke returned more road project dollars, and more Forest preserve acreage to the district than all previous board members combined. 

Yes. Terry Wilke paid for and donated two vehicles to the Avon charity – NOT the Township. The charity has fed over 17,000 people this year alone.

A bridge loan was secured (a type of revolving credit account) for a Neighborhood Revitalization project, that project is now moving forward,  in fact it shows up in at least three different public meetings in 2019 and the abandoned house that was received for $1 dollar was in nine different public meetings.

A handicap bus shelter in front of the Township Center is in the process. We have worked with PACE for two year to get the route 570 to stop here at the Township and the new shelter is integral to the plan. 

Yes. Even though all board members are entitled to it, to date, Terry is the only member of the County Board who has returned his mileage reimbursement and refuses to accept any further mileage reimbursement.

Yes, Avon Cares is a 501 C 3 charity founded by Terry to serve the needs of Avon Township residents.

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